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Media Monitoring Software for Wales

Wesley Mathew

May 12, 2020

The Internet has opened up endless opportunities for brands to communicate and connect with consumers. In fact, almost overwhelmingly so. In a world where anyone can say anything and have hundreds of people read it within minutes, it can be tough to get a handle on where your brand is mentioned and potentially harmed. Conversely, it’s easy to miss mentions and present inadequate data if you’re relying on default tools.

Never before has brand management been this important for any company trying to establish and manage its reputation. With over 3 billion internet users, the emergence of the Attention Economy and influencers with huge communities on social, a brand’s reputation can easily tank – and, as an agency, that reflects on the work of you and your team.

Distinguishing Welsh Audiences

At the end of the day, does it really matter where your consumer lives? The short answer is “yes”, considering that varying locations all face their own trends and challenges within the larger, global context. Wales is a good example of this, according to the Consumer Insights Report in Wales by Which?

We know that Welsh audiences have concerns about broadband connectivity and transportation services, for example. We know that 27% of those surveyed for the report are concerned about the rising costs of living and that 39% are worried they aren’t saving enough for their retirements.

It’s one thing to establish these statistics, and garner insight from them, through traditional survey methods – but this kind of extensive manual research can be less effective and more costly than it needs to be. Enter, media monitoring software in Wales – the best way to gain quick and thorough insight into media trends, audience behaviour and access to easy-to-consumer reports.

What Does Media Monitoring Software Do for Wales?

In some ways, media monitoring software does the work of scanning the internet for you. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to crawl news and social platforms for specific keywords and hashtags in mentions. Data is easy for companies to read, view and respond to, as everything is streamlined and automated.

This enables agencies and their clients to plan and put changes in place in order to prevent or respond more efficiently to any negative mentions from consumers – but it also creates room for interpreting big data, creating better strategies and conceptualizing preemptive campaigns.

If you want to significantly manage brand recognition and campaign, media monitoring software is your best bet.

No More Missing Mentions About Your Brand

Negative feedback can cause damage to your brand if you aren’t regularly monitoring mentions. So, how do you do this effectively without hundreds of hours of manual labour and huge spending power?

This is where media monitoring software becomes paramount, providing you and your customers with the quality of service they deserve.

A Competitive Edge

Diving into media monitoring offers you and your business a range of benefits, which subsequently, gives you the competitive edge within specific markets.

  • Report-ready data
  • More efficient strategies
  • Better measurement of campaign impact
  • More client involvement (easily share your findings)
  • A stronger, more resilient brand
  • Quality sales leads
  • A mechanism for better customer services
  • Improved crisis management and prevention
  • Product and service insight
  • Inspiration for influencer and content strategies

Explore – Getting the Most from Social Media Listening and Community Management

A woman sitting at a table working on a laptop smiling

Meltwater Explore gives you:

  • Daily, unlimited mentions – you can scan the whole internet if you’d like and see all relevant results. You never know which mention could start an avalanche of negative sentiment.
  • Unlimited saved searches – this saves you time when you have multiple searches on the go because you don’t have to keep deleting searches to add new ones. You can also keep that data at the ready for when you need it.
  • Full access to Twitter (100% of tweets) – which is where you’re most likely to pick up on bad news for your brand, first.
  • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, Instagram, Reddit, message boards and forums are all included, giving you insight into social and editorial content – because we know the news media has power too.
  • Immediate access to automated analytics dashboards, including ad-hoc searches in real-time. This is particularly useful for PR professionals who are entrusted with managing crises.
  • In-depth analytic and channel-specific breakdowns which can help you create more informed strategies and develop insights on more granular data.
  • 15 months of full historical data – that’s over a year’s worth, to help you look at trends and monitor data retrospectively.

Explore is a useful helper, with a fixed cost, which doesn’t fluctuate according to your portfolio needs.

What’s next?

Contact Meltwater for a free demo or get more information about media monitoring software in Wales.