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introducing new way to partner with our clients

Introducing a New Way to Partner with Our Clients

Lindsey Woodward

Jun 6, 2019

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Meltwater is a global company with 55 offices around the world. We are interested in supporting and partnering with our clients on a local level. From sourcing hyper-local editorial and broadcast publications for our global content database to support our clients in one of a dozen languages, building a partnership with our clients is always top of mind.

As Meltwater grows, we want to ensure we can connect with our clients and continue to partner with you. Many of you have already taken advantage of our in-app chat in your local language. Across the globe, work is increasingly done at different times, on mobile and online. We recognize our clients’ work isn’t limited to the normal 9-5 work day. Our clients need answers on their own terms — and that means 24 hour support, 7 days a week. So, we’re proud to announce three chat channels our clients can use to connect with Meltwater, 24/7:

  1. On 
  2. Within the Meltwater Mobile application
  3. Within the Meltwater web application
meltwater live chat

Additionally, we now surface relevant articles and in-app tutorials while you are in the Meltwater Media Intelligence application. These articles and in-app tutorials allow you to learn when it works for you.

meltwater media monitoring and searches

At Meltwater, we pride ourselves on being an ongoing partner to our 30,000 clients. Whether jumping on a call to assist in creating an internal newsletter or report for your boss or setting up new employees on the Meltwater platform, we want our clients to have personal and open communication with Meltwater.  With these new chat channels, our clients can communicate with Meltwater 24/7. 

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