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A social media manager attends to customer service, in-person events, product development, strategy and analytics.

Infographic: Is That All? What a Social Media Manager Does

Karen Uyenco

May 14, 2017

In today's modern economy, a social media manager's contributions to an organization are vast. Beyond message broadcast duties, their reach extends into HR, sales, and crisis comms. And a superhero social media manager needs dynamic tools like Meltwater Engage and Executive Alerts to get the job done.

Snap pics, shoot a video, and add 140 characters of clever. While you’re at it, like the likes that liked your previous posts. At this rate, your energy will be zapped before you get into the office! After all, it’s only social media. While many outsiders find it hard to believe that you get paid to do something everybody is doing in their spare time, for free, you know the real deal.

Being a social media manager is the iceberg of marketing and communications. Your goals are set by the entire company, from HR to the CEO to the Sales team, and everyone in between. Your day is dictated by left and right brain demands, internal and external constituencies, creative campaigns and analytical assignments, simultaneously.

While your colleagues think you have it easy, more often than not, as a social media manager, your day is far from a day at the beach and more closely resembles the film, Groundhog Day.

With businesses now investing in a social business model, the social media manager is more important than ever. The scope of their work touches all aspect of what comprises a modern organization. This infographic details how much work social media managers contribute to the work of a company in their drive to fulfill business goals.

Infographic: Is that all? What a social media manager does

Share this infographic with your favorite social media manager. To learn more about what it takes to drive a social business, read our e-book, Social to Scale: How to Build a Serious Social Media Program.