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5 art organisations on social media

4 Great Examples of Arts Organizations on Social Media

Tori Dunlap

Mar 28, 2019

From the local arts scene in your community to global organizations, the focus of both art and marketing is telling a story and connecting with a community. And these 4 brands are giving a masterclass in beautifully-crafted content that you can duplicate yourself. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

4 Art Organizations Killing it on Social Media

  1. Playbill

  2. Seattle Opera

  3. Feinstein’s/54 Below

  4. Cirque duSoleil


Brand Strategy + What Works: Beyond just the programs you receive during a Broadway show, Playbill is now the go-to source of everything theatrical. Having a great starting point with their brand’s signature yellow color and captivating stories, Playbill’s content is incredibly interactive and platform specific. You’ll find short videos on their Instagram, and show news on their Twitter.

How to Duplicate Their Success: Focus on producing content that people want to engage with and share, beyond “tag a friend who would love this!” Discover what your audience is passionate about, then start testing what they like to engage with. Is it quizzes or polls? Is it gorgeous photos or inspiring captions? Experiment to see what works.

Seattle Opera

Brand Strategy + What Works: The best local arts presenters know how to appeal to the tastes of their local community—and at the same time get them excited about what’s happening outside of their city or region. The Seattle Opera, much beloved by the city it calls home, is a world-class organization, bringing artists from all over the world to perform and stage some classic pieces like Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

How to Duplicate Their Success: Large organizations like operas, symphonies, and ballets will have guest artists constantly—not just singers, but designers, conductors, and writers. Seattle Opera shows the behind-the-scenes process of every show they produce, giving you the insider’s look as to how a magnificent performance is put together. Experiment with highlighting the amount of detail and manpower it takes to produce your product — it builds consumers’ trust.

Feinstein’s/54 Below

Brand Strategy + What Works: A world-famous performance venue and cabaret, 54 Below presents solo shows, staged readings, and more in the heart of New York City. Tony Award-winners and parody musicals grace the stage daily, and the team at 54 finely balances the promotion of each event to keep their loyal fans satisfied.

Feinstein's/54 Below

How to Duplicate Their Success: 54 Below is great at making you feel like you’re front-row for the show (even if you can’t physically be there.) Their use of Instagram Live is top notch. Never giving away the entire show (usually only 10 minutes), they will stream select performances live to give viewers a great representation of the kinds of shows you can go see. Use Live streaming to your advantage, and give your audience an insider’s look into your product, team, or events.

Cirque duSoleil

Brand Strategy + What Works: World-famous Cirque duSoleil is known for their jaw-dropping performances in countries across the world. Performing in dozens of languages, this circus-themed company has continually broken barriers and wowed audiences. And their social media doesn’t disappoint either.

How to Duplicate Their Success: Cirque’s signature flair is instantly recognizable. Using their social accounts, Cirque highlights the costumes, makeup, sets, and more to visually draw their audience in with flashy colors and beautiful artistry. Find what part of your brand is visually-compelling for platforms like Instagram and focus on producing stunning content that aligns with your brand colors.

Next Steps

As you can see, top arts organization use social media to highlight their creativity and keep audiences engaged. To up your social media game, let us show you what an all-in-one media monitoring, media outreach, social listening, and social management solution can do. You’ll be able to spend less time managing your brand’s social presence, and more time focused on creatively expressing what your brand stands for.