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Radarly AI Discovery Explainer Illustration

Discovery Explainer - Surfacing Insights with AI

Lance Concannon

Sep 27, 2023

Earlier this year we added a new feature to Radarly, our Consumer Insights solution, called Discovery. This AI tool is capable of automatically detecting unusual trends and patterns within a Radarly workspace, and then highlighting these changes to the user to make them aware of a potentially important new insight that should be further explored. 

Now we’re pleased to announce that we’ve improved this feature by adding Discovery Explainer, which uses the power of generative AI to describe the context of its discoveries in easy-to-understand natural language. This means that it’s easier than ever before to find and understand new insights as they arise from the data.

The animation below shows you exactly how the feature looks in , and should give you a clear picture of just how easy to use this new innovation is.

Animation showing how the Discovery Explainer AI works in Radarly.

It’s not just about saving time. Because Discovery Explainer isn’t human, it doesn’t always think like a human, and that means it’s capable of spotting changes and patterns in data that a person might miss, so it has the potential to help our customers surface new kinds of insight. 

Another key benefit of this new feature is that it opens up Radarly to non-analyst users, who might not have the skill-set to make sense of the raw data. This empowers a wider range of users to take advantage of capabilities, even in situations where an analyst is not available to work on the project.

How does it work? When the AI detects something interesting happening in the data, it analyzes all of the content, and contextual information around each item of content (made possible by Radarly’s unique data structuring) including keyphrases, hashtags, affects, emotions, sentiment and content classification. This is then processed by a generative AI tool which is able to extract meaning from all of the data and describe the event in natural language, including English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and German.

At Meltwater we’re working hard to find new ways that AI can make our tools even more powerful and easier to use for our customers, this is just one example of many AI-powered features we’ve recently added, and there are many more on the way. We hope you find it useful.

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