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boolean search, star wars

Boolean Cheat Sheet: Star Wars Edition

Heather Satterfield

Jul 11, 2017

Want to use Advanced Search like a pro? Use this guide to master the force of these Boolean Operators. Make this your go-to cheat sheet for searches on Google, Twitter, the Meltwater Suite, and elsewhere. While Boolean logic can be confusing, there’s value in understanding the basics. When doing a search, it’s important to adjust the Boolean terms to either focus on certain results or to open the gates to let more results into the search. In addition to narrowing or expanding a search, it may be important to exclude terms, as well as combining Boolean concepts. All great things to think about when applying Boolean logic to a search.

Meltwater Explore allows you to search for anything, from a simple keyword to a complex 6,000 character Boolean query with unlimited search with unlimited mentions. These queries can easily be saved and shared with you colleagues. Cut through the noise to make the best data driven decisions.

boolean search star wars