The Daily Life of a Social Media Manager

Christine Nielsen

May 28, 2020

As the world turns to conversing and engaging online, there are a select number of channels that consumers and businesses can turn to - social media platforms. Social media has been an incredible force for consumerism, news, and creative content that the apps accounted for 50% of the time we spent on our phones in 2019. This increase of usage over the years (more than 3.8B users today and growing) has made it increasingly important for brands to leverage the wide reach that these platforms can offer. As with any evolution of socially constructed systems and norms comes a profession. Introducing: social media manager. 

The role of a social media manager is integral to a company’s reputation, growth, and brand image. Not only are they keeping their eyes and ears attune to consumer conversations, but they are also creating and optimizing content that reinforces the consumer/brand relationship. A social media manager is responsible for sharing the right information to the world at the right time. Whether it’s a localized event, a product release, a partnership update; these announcements are done at the hands of the social media manager when given the proper information to strategically share the news in a digestible and well thought out way. 

These days, with more and more people spending time at home, social media platforms have seen more eyes on them than ever before - Facebook is up 27%, YouTube up 15%, TikTok up 15%. This means higher expectations for new and exciting content is inevitable. Many of these users admit this will continue after this pandemic era.

Below is an infographic that depicts a day in the life of a social media manager. Which parts of their day might surprise you?