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5 Examples of Outstanding SaaS Social Media Accounts

Nick Rogers

Mar 8, 2020

Top SaaS companies distinguish themselves by perfectly balancing innovation and utility. There's something original and surprising about what they offer, but it also makes perfect sense. What about their social media marketing strategy? How do they get their campaigns to stand out? Here we look at some of our favorite SaaS social media feeds. For extra inspiration, see examples of top social campaigns by nonprofits, healthcare, tourism, sports teams, government agencies, and television shows! And to up your social media game, let us show you what an all-in-one media monitoring, influencer outreach, social listening, and social management solution can do for your brand.

If you’re looking for some incredible marketing inspiration, look no further than the teams behind some of the top SaaS social media accounts online today. 

They excel at everything from storytelling to content creation to engagement and even throwing shade when the time is right. What makes the SaaS industry so great is that it’s relatively young and unbelievably competitive, meaning that there is no shortage of ground-breaking social experiments for us to learn from.

5 Amazing Examples of SaaS Social Media Accounts 


Quirky, fun, and incredibly entertaining, MailChimp might as well be teaching a master class in social media marketing.

It seems like every time I turn around their social media team is launching a new campaign—capturing the hearts of their audience in the process.

For example, MailChimp is used by thousands of small businesses around the world and so their team wanted to give back to those businesses during the holidays. That’s when the Small Business Saturday campaign was born. 

Most brands would stop with a few Tweets, but MailChimp took it a step forward by creating personalized, custom GIFs of their employees, which they used during the campaign to respond on social media. 


InVision’s social media strategy revolves around design—providing consistently useful and educational content across their various channels. In doing so, they hold their own against design competitors such as Adobe and Sketch. 

Their content is shareable, easy to digest, and uniquely catered to the people who matter the most: customers.

If you focus on posting great content every single day, the engagements (likes, comments, shares, and clicks) will naturally follow.

I like to think that great content is at the intersection of educational and entertaining.

In other words: edu-tainment. Aim to create content that’s both entertaining and educational, and you’ll be on your way to social success.


One brand that isn’t afraid to march to the beat of their own drum is Wistia

Everything from their social media account cover photos to their captions and content is shared in a way that shows off their one-of-a-kind brand personality. Not only does this set them apart from other SaaS brands on social media, but it gives their audience a reason to come back and engage on a regular basis. 

Take the Wistia “One, Ten, One Hundred” marketing campaign, for example. This idea originated from Wistia’s constant questioning of “marketing norms” and their quest to do things differently.

One big challenge for brands today is carving out a niche in a never-ending stream of online content. 

That being said, Wistia proves that you can still build a strong brand following on social media by humanizing your content and cultivating a brand personality that people can relate to.


The thing that makes Intercom so inspirational is their attention to the visual aspects of their social media accounts.

Everything from their cover photo to individual Tweets are designed to reinforce their overall brand. They don’t miss even the smallest of details. 

Take, for example, their use of the Twitter account cover photo in what is a creative visualization of how their product works:

Intercom Twitter feed

Using visually appealing graphics such as this might seem like “too much” to invest in as a SaaS brand on social media, but Intercom has proven that it’s well worth the investment, surpassing 100,000 monthly users as of February 2017.

In a world where stock photos are the norm, breaking out with your own unique visual style might just be the boost your brand needs.


The more brands can get their audience actively involved on social media, the better their results will be. 

When it comes to activating an audience, Trello is one of the best in the business.

Recently, Trello launched a brand new campaign called #WhereITrello that asks their community to share photos and stories of where and when they use the Trello product.

Since the launch of #WhereITrello, the hashtag has been used more than 1,000 times across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram making it an instant and smashing success. 

The industry might be young and highly competitive, but there’s no shortage of SaaS social media accounts showing us all how it’s done.

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