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Press Release

Meltwater announces industry-leading, AI-powered visual listening and company search for faster and more precise insights

Press Release

Sep 13, 2022

Meltwater's AI-powered visual listening and company search support 11 enrichment types and 14M+ company names, setting the industry standard.

​​SAN FRANCISCO, September 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Meltwater, a global leader in media and social intelligence, today announces industry-defining visual listening and company search capabilities. As a result, Meltwater's 27,000+ customers immediately benefit from faster, more precise searches of their brand and competitors, as well as logo detection, object recognition, and scene analysis to provide unique context and insight into how brands appear on visual platforms. 

Today's businesses are drowning in data. Every day, billions of social media posts and news articles spark conversations about their brand, competitors, and industry. The sheer volume of this data and the introduction of new data types, such as images, pictures, and memes, create a growing challenge for businesses to accurately and consistently structure data and extract relevant, real-time insights.

Meltwater’s new visual listening capabilities enable users to search and analyze images, identifying specific logos, celebrities, memes, emotions, age groups, and more. Using state-of-the-art, deep learning techniques, Meltwater’s in-house computer vision model ingests and classifies images across 11 different enrichment types, and identifies logos and celebrities at 95 and 98 percent accuracy. This enables Meltwater customers to quickly and accurately gain insights about their brand and tackle everything from crisis management to content ideation. 

With Meltwater’s new company search, Meltwater users benefit from AI-powered, pre-populated queries for over 14M companies which collect all relevant company mentions across news, social media, and visual content. Company search connects the most extensive knowledge graph in the industry—over 14M companies across 194 countries—with the most comprehensive set of owned and earned editorial, social, and broadcast data. This improves search accuracy and provides expert-level search results for Meltwater customers looking to manage their brand and perform competitive analysis. With company search, testing shows that search results are 52% more precise for company names that are also commonly-used words, such as Apple, Square, and Amazon, and additionally include content where the company logo is present, without a text mention.

"We're democratizing AI at a speed and scale unseen in our market by pairing our newest updates with unlimited searching," remarked Meltwater CTO Aditya Jami. "Businesses benefit from faster time to insights and more agile decision-making without bearing the cost of building and maintaining in-house data science models."

"From name brands to local governments, customers use Meltwater to understand their consumers and constituents and build more authentic and engaging communications," added CEO John Box. "Our newest updates help customers measure brand value and learn how visual assets can impact their content, brand, and competitive strategies. Both company search and visual listening are the product of Meltwater successfully integrating recently acquired companies, Linkfluence, Owler, and”

Meltwater's customers can leverage the new capabilities when creating Explore searches. Prospective customers are encouraged to visit to learn more. 

These are just two of the exciting releases that will be featured in Meltwater’s upcoming live customer webinar on September 20th, when the Meltwater team will present The Latest & Greatest with Meltwater Explore, highlighting the largest product innovations in the last several months.

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