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Events & Presentations


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30.08.2022Quarterly Presentation Q2 2022Presentation

Previous Presentations

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08.09.2022Nordnet Investor Presentation and Q&APresentation

Past Events & Presentations

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14.07.2022Quarterly trading update Q2 2022Report
19.04.2022Quarterly trading update Q1 2022Report
17.01.2022Quarterly trading update Q4 2021Report
10.01.2022Premium Client update December 2021Report
16.12.2021Comparisons of IFRS-EU and US GAAP in selected line items of the consolidated income statementOther
16.12.2021Meltwater Listing ProspectusReport
08.12.2021Premium Client update November 2021Report
03.12.2021Minutes Extraordinary General Meeting 3 December 2021Other
16.11.2021Webcast Q3 2021 replayWebcast
16.11.2021Quarterly presentation Q3 2021Presentation
16.11.2021Quarterly report Q3 2021Report
08.11.2021Premium Client update October 2021Report
15.10.2021Quarterly trading update Q3 2021Report
07.10.2021Premium Client update September 2021Report
30.09.2021Webcast Q2 2021 replayWebcast
30.09.2021Quarterly report Q2 2021Report
30.09.2021Quarterly presentation Q2 2021Presentation
09.09.2021Premium Client update August 2021Report
09.08.2021Premium Client update July 2021Report
29.07.2021Quarterly trading update Q2 2021Report
08.07.2021Premium Client update June 2021Report
07.06.2021Premium Client update May 2021Report
30.06.2021Minutes Annual General Meeting 2021Other
20.05.2021Webcast Q1 2021 replayWebcast
20.05.2021Quarterly report - Q1 2021Report
20.05.2021Quarterly presentation - Q1 2021Presentation
20.05.2021Annual report 2020Report
20.05.2021Management report 2020Report
10.05.2021Premium Client update April 2021Report
29.04.2021Quarterly trading update Q1 2021Report
29.04.2021Comparison of stated ARR numbers in respective exchange rates - as referred to in Q1 2021 trading updateOther
07.04.2021Premium Client update March 2021Report
08.03.2021Premium Client update February 2021Report
25.02.2021Webcast Q4 2020 replayWebcast
25.02.2021Quarterly Report - Q4 2020Report
25.02.2021Quarterly Presentation - Q4 2020Presentation
08.02.2021Premium Client update January 2021Report
27.01.2021Quarterly trading update – Q4 2020Report
03.12.2020Information document for listing on Euronext GrowthOther

Quarterly and Half-Year Results

Additional & Annual Reports

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26.04.2023Annual Report 2022Report
26.04.2023AR 2022 ESEF package (official filing)Other
29.04.2022Annual Report 2021Report
29.04.2022AR 2021 ESEF package (official filing)Other
30.06.2021Balance sheet as at 30 June 2021Other
20.05.2021Annual Report 2020Report
31.12.2020Auditor's report 2020Report
31.12.2020Financial statements 2020 (Dutch GAAP)Other

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