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30.06.2023AGMAGM Proxy Form (other than VPS)
30.06.2023AGMAGM Proxy Form (VPS)
30.06.2023AGMShare capital and voting rights
30.06.2023AGMAgenda and explanatory notes
30.06.2023AGMNotice of AGM 30 June 2023
02.05.2023EGMDeed of Record Meltwater NV EGM 2 May 2023
02.05.2023EGMVoting results EGM 2 May 2023
02.05.2023EGMShare capital and voting rights EGM 2 May 2023
02.05.2023EGMEGM Proxy Form (VPS)
02.05.2023EGMProxy form shareholders (other than VPS)
02.05.2023EGMShare capital general meeting EGM 2 May 2023
02.05.2023EGMMerger Proposal
02.05.2023EGMExplanatory Notes to the Merger Proposal
02.05.2023EGMAgenda and explanatory notes
02.05.2023EGMNotice of EGM 2 May 2023
21.06.2022AGMMinutes Annual General Meeting 21 June 2022
21.06.2022AGMVoting results Annual General Meeting 21 June 2022
21.06.2022AGMAnnual Report 2021 (ESEF format)
21.06.2022AGMAnnual Report 2021 (pdf version)
21.06.2022AGMShare capital and voting rights as of 24 May 2022
21.06.2022AGMProxy form shareholders (non-VPS)
21.06.2022AGMProxy form shareholders (VPS)
21.06.2022AGMAgenda and explanatory notes
21.06.2022AGMNotice of General Meeting June 2022
03.12.2021EGMMinutes Extraordinary General Meeting 3 December 2021
03.12.2021EGMVoting Results General Meeting 3 December 2021
03.12.2021EGMProxy form shareholders (non-VPS)
03.12.2021EGMProxy form shareholders (VPS)
03.12.2021EGMDraft remuneration policy
03.12.2021EGMBalance sheet as at 30 June 2021
03.12.2021EGMOntwerp akte van omzetting en statutenwijziging
03.12.2021EGMDraft deed of conversion and amendment
03.12.2021EGMAgenda and explanatory notes
03.12.2021EGMNotice of General Meeting December 2021
30.06.2021AGMMinutes Annual General Meeting 30 June 2021
30.06.2021AGMVoting Results General Meeting 30 June 2021
30.06.2021AGMProxy form shareholders (non-VPS)
30.06.2021AGMProxy form shareholders (VPS)
30.06.2021AGMAuditor's Report 2020
30.06.2021AGMAnnual Report 2020
30.06.2021AGMAgenda and Explanatory Notes
30.06.2021AGMNotice of General Meeting June 2021

Please be informed that the temporary Dutch COVID-19 Act has been extended until 1 August 2022. Therefore the annual general meeting of Meltwater N.V. to be held on 21 June 2022 (the "AGM") will be held virtually and shareholders and others entitled to attend the meeting cannot attend the AGM in person.Please see the notice of the AGM published on this website for further details on how to attend and vote at the meeting.

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