What’s trending online this morning? The Super Bowl, of course! 

The winners, losers, players, and the halftime show have all been popular topics of conversation online. But, how much talk are we talkin’? And what exactly was mentioned?

We wanted to know the answer, so we set out to see how often the big game was mentioned on social media and what exactly people were talking about. To do this, we used our media intelligence platform to dive into the social media and news data behind the game.

We even did some data digging to understand each team’s online audience and following. 

To kick off the stats, we’ll start with the total social media mentions across the board. The Kansas City Chiefs received 2.18 million mentions while the San Francisco 49ers took the lead with 3.17 million. The top-performing platform? Twitter. Both teams scored up to 1.55 million mentions from the platform alone. 

Take a look at some interesting highlights:

  • The dynamic duo JLo and Shakira each rocked the halftime show with 1.46 million mentions and 1.38 million respectively 
  • The halftime show sentiment was 48% positive, 22% negative and 30% neutral…how did you feel about it?
  • Kim Kardashian West, Shakira, and People Magazine won for the most popular social influencers posts

Want to know who watched the Super Bowl? Using our Audience Insight feature, we were able to build a report profiling each team’s Twitter followers. Here’s what the data shows….

  • Overview of a 49er fan:  
    • Barack Obama influenced the fans by 43.51% 
    • Brands they trust? Sports Center, ESPN, and the SF Giants 
    • Where they live: San Francisco, L.A, San Jose and Sacramento  
    • Interests? Sports at 36.08% followed by shopping at 32.26%
  • Overview of a Chiefs fan:
    • Their most active day online are Wednesday’s 
    • The brands they trust are NFL, Sports Center, and CNN News 
    • Kansas City Royals influenced fans by 45.14% 
    • Sports are their #1 interest followed by education

If you want to see what your audience looks like, get in touch for more details.

Superbowl 2020 (2).png