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Our technology decodes billions of digital documents in real time to discover big picture trends

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A solution for every department. Discover how Meltwater can help you act on data from the outside.

Quantify your PR impact

Measure what has been unmeasurable. Meltwater offers the largest global media database, so you can ensure you’ve found all of your media mentions. With intuitive dashboards and one-click reports, it's easy to demonstrate campaign performance and ROI.

Know your share of voice

Using the largest directory of social media and online content in the industry, our tools clear the clutter to bring you insights, from conversation share to brand sentiment.

Connect with influencers

Discover key influencers or journalists and create lasting relationships. Spark a genuine conversation that’s relevant. Generate earned media by knowing what interests them.

Showcase your results

Quickly create presentation-ready reports for stakeholders. Share clippings, mentions and insights directly with internal teams. Feed selected content to external sites.

Meltwater's PR Product Suite

PR professionals lean on Meltwater's product suite to help them boost their brand's position and demonstrate their ROI.

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    Get accurate and timely online content delivered straight to your inbox. Make use of the largest source database in the industry.

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    Find the best journalists to amplify your message. Search based on their beat, name, publication, previous content coverage and location.

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    Generate presentation-ready reports. Justify your existence by keeping your stakeholders informed of every aspect of your communications strategy.

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    Share internal news using branded newsletters, plus, manage your outreach to journalists and influencers with sharing and analytics tools.

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    Easily review the latest media coverage when you are on the go with the Meltwater Mobile app. Smart Alerts allow AI to be your fresh eyes on developing stories.

Monitor your brand in one place

Understand your brand through the eyes of your local and global target audiences. From large online publications to niche forums, identify how others perceive your brand.

Optimise your social marketing efforts

By using the largest directory of social media and online content in the industry, our tools clear the clutter to bring you insights, from conversation share to brand sentiment.

Keep an eye on the competition

Benchmark your efforts against the competition. Track the best-performing keywords, trends and themes in real time, and predict your competitors' next moves.

Uplevel your integrated media strategy

Discover who's talking about your brand, from earned media to authentic conversations. Demonstrate the connection and impact to your owned media.

Meltwater's Marketing Product Suite

Marketing professionals lean on our product suite to help monitor their brand, social channels, and competitors.

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    Manage all of your social channels in one place. Easily schedule, respond and report on the social media insights that matter.

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    Media Intelligence: Find important news stories and social posts about your products, industry and competition.

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    Receive alerts highlighting what is trending in social media and discover posts from prominent social influencers.

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    Combine rich digital metrics with media mentions to accurately see how your brand resonates with your core audience.

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    Take the guess work out of your Facebook strategy – Likealyzer's recommendations will point you in the right direction.

Reduce risk

Leverage AI to stay on top of brand mentions, customer feedback and competitive information

Create an early warning system

Be the first to know about important events. Receive an alert as soon as something starts to trend so you can act on it before it goes viral.

Increase forecast accuracy

Measure how your company performs against the competition using external data. Benefit from a complete picture of company strengths and weaknesses when forecasting and developing strategy.

Free up executive time

Reduce the time spent on sourcing competitive intelligence by centralising information flow. Empower teams with intuitive insights.

Meltwater's Product Suite for Executives

Entire organisations rely on our p