Meltwater Nordic Social Summit 2021

torstai, 18. marraskuuta 2021

klo 10.00-12.00


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Driving Growth through Social

We look forward to welcome you at Meltwaters' Nordic Social Summit in November 2021.

We’ve invited marketing, social media, and communications professionals across different industries to get inspiration and learn from each other. Listen to inspiring keynotes from marketing and communication leaders from the Nordic countries and get insights from our panel of influencer marketing experts.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gear up your social strategy for a bigger and better 2022. Make sure to sign up for free and join us at the Meltwater Social Summit!

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Meet our Speakers

Philip Eide, CMO at Foodora

Philip Eide | CMO at Foodora

Philip Eide has worked with marketing for 17+ years in various companies such as Dell, Mastercard and most recently as CMO for Foodora for the past 4 years. His focus is to work with data-driven insights to build brands, communication and drive sales to the specific brand and industry needs.

Evan Thomas, Head of Influencer Marketing at NA-KD

Evan Thomas | Head of Influencer Marketing at NA-KD

Evan Thomas is the Head of Influencer Marketing, and former head of Social Media, at NA-KD Fashion. Having worked in media production and digital marketing for a decade, he is refining the influencer marketing playbook through an increased focus on micro influencers, and by using automation to increase NA-KD’s reach on social media.

Pinja Orre | Project Manager at PING Helsinki

Pinja Orre is an influencer marketing expert and Project Manager at PING Helsinki. PING Helsinki is a forerunner in responsible influencer marketing and communications that specializes in social impact and sustainability communications.

Mattias Barsk | Content Manager at SOS Children’s Villages in Sweden

Mattias Barsk is kind of new in marketing but has worked with media and social media as long as he can remember. He wants to challenge good ideas with great, and find creatives that people remember, just for the fun of it. Goals, metrics and collaborations are necessities to succeed.  

Martine Grebstad | Social Media Associate at Aker BioMarine

Martine Grebstad is heading Aker BioMarine's social media accounts and has been with the company for three years. She has a strong passion for social media and knows first-hand how powerful a digital presence can be - you can reach and influence thousands of people with just one click.