Voices: Competitive Benchmarking

Lisa Sun portrait

Make Your Mark: Growth and Market Dominance

What is competitive benchmarking, and why do you need it? Lisa Sun talks about her suggested approach, including redefining who you see as a competitor. Gain insight into the importance of having a 360-degree view of your industry, market share, and the available white space for your company to innovate and stay ahead.

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Nithya Tamachandran portrait

Don't Be a Hero: How Brands Can Be the Best Supporting Character

Who is the real hero in the brand-customer relationship? Nithya Ramachandran makes the case for viewing your customer base as the hero as an essential component of the strategy to hold consumer attention; over your competitors. Find the white space where you can shine. Superhero references are promised!

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Darrell Alfonso portrait

4 Crucial Ways to Operationalize Competitive Intelligence at Your Organization

Move beyond strategy and dive into the tactical ways to implement your competitive benchmarking strategy. Learn where the best CI comes from and how to assemble a CI task force. Darrell Alfonso walks through applying competitive intelligence through every stage of the funnel.

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Sheryl Swoopes portrait

Getting Ahead of the Game: The Athletes Mindset for Reaching & Staying at #1

What does it take to approach each situation with a competitive mindset? WNBA legend Sheryl Swoopes walks through how she maintained a competitive advantage throughout her illustrious career as a professional athlete, Olympian, and coach.

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Michael Samuels portrait

Innovation in Competitive Benchmarking​​

Gain insight into using Meltwater software for competitive benchmarking tactics. Learn which competitive intelligence data points to look for, how to leverage them, and share key takeaways with your stakeholders.

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