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Ensuring accountability and oversight

As Meltwater continues to grow, we are committed to running our business responsibly, ethically and in line with all regulations in the markets we serve. Governance to us means a defined Board structure, diverse perspectives on our Board, an established compliance team, and a robust data privacy program.

We believe that sound corporate governance is crucial for Meltwater’s success, and set high standards for our Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors. We’re committed to maintaining an independent and diverse Board of Directors. Our Board members bring together a diverse set of skills and experiences from different industries and markets. The Company has a one-tier board structure consisting of one Executive Director and five Non-Executive Directors elected by the Company's shareholders, on the binding nomination of the Board of Directors.

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Board committees

Meltwater’s Board committees' serve to prepare the Board of Directors' decision-making and to  render advice to the Board.

  • Audit committee
    The audit committee supports the Board of Directors in the exercise of its management and supervisory responsibilities relating to financial reporting, statutory audit and internal control. The audit committee reports and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, but the Board of Directors retains responsibility for implementing such recommendations. The composition of the audit committee fulfills the required qualifications and competence in accounting and auditing under Dutch law.
  • Remuneration committee
    The remuneration committee is charged in particular with the preparation of the remuneration policy for the Board of Directors; proposals for the remuneration of the Directors; and the remuneration report on the execution of the remuneration policy, included in the Company's annual accounts.
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Data privacy

At Meltwater, our customers are at the heart of our business, which means that safeguarding customer data is a key priority for the Company. Meltwater supports more than 27,000 customers in 120 countries. Our clients include industry leaders across sectors in government, tech, healthcare, consumer goods and finance, to name a few, and protecting the information that our customers entrust to us is one of our key responsibilities.

In addition to complying with applicable security, privacy, and data protection laws, Meltwater employs a multi-layered protection solution for customer data. This is inclusive of training employees, limiting access to client data, testing code for security issues before and after release, encryption, centralized secured access logs, intrusion detection, penetration and vulnerability testing, and more.

Governance FAQ

Yes, this was established in 2014. This is for all Meltwater employees and was created to reflect and enforce our commitment to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner.

Yes, please visit this section of our website for more information: UK Modern Slavery Statement

In 2022, Meltwater launched a new employee equity program. This new program grants stock to all full time employees of Meltwater.

Yes, Meltwater collects, processes, and uses personal data with due regard to the GDPR. Please see Meltwater’s Privacy Policy for more information

The Company has a one-tier board structure consisting of at least one and no more than two Executive Directors and at least three and no more than five Non-Executive Directors elected by the Company's shareholders, on the binding nomination of the Board of Directors. The overall management of the Company is vested in the Board of Directors. The Executive Directors are responsible for, among other things, the general and day-to-day management of the Company's business, which includes, among other things, formulating its strategies and policies and setting and achieving its objectives, ensuring proper organization, preparing plans and budgets for its activities and that the Company's activities, accounts and assets management are subject to adequate controls and undertaking investigations necessary to perform its duties.

The Non-Executive Directors shall supervise the policy of the Company, the fulfillment of duties by the Directors, as well as the general affairs of the Company. The Management executes the day-to-day management of the Company's operations upon instructions by the Board of Directors.

The Company has a Board of Directors comprising six Directors and a Management of three individuals. For more information about the Directors and members of Management please visit:

The composition of the Board of Directors is in compliance with the independency requirements of the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance last updated 14 October 2021 (the "Norwegian Code"), meaning that (i) the majority of the shareholder-elected Directors are independent from the Company's executive management and material business connections, and (ii) at least two of the shareholder-elected Directors are independent from the Company's main shareholders (being shareholders holding 10% or more of the Shares in the Company).

In line with applicable Dutch regulations and the Company's articles of association, the Board of Directors do include an Executive Director. The super-majority (75%) of the Directors are independent from the Company and its main shareholders.

The executive management of the Company currently consists the following individuals: 

  • John Box, Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”)
  • Elena Shishkina, Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”)
  • Aditya Jami, Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”)
  • Alexandra Bjertnæs, Chief Strategy Officer (“CSO”)
  • David Hickey, Executive Director, APAC
  • David Houston, Executive Director, Client Acquisition Americas
  • Jeff Rusignuolo, Executive Director, Client Success Americas
  • Bob Van Velsen, Executive Director, EMEA

For more information about the executive management team please visit:

Yes. Meltwater trains our employees and contractors annually on topics such as data privacy and cybersecurity awareness, with additional secure coding training for R&D team members. The training ensures that Meltwater employees have the knowledge to keep Meltwater’s customers’ and partners’ data safe.

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