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Sustainability at Meltwater

Meltwater Culture and Teams

Our Values

At Meltwater, our culture is our north star, and our company values are the foundation of everything that we do. They are four Norwegian words that translate (loosely!) as follows:

  • Moro = Fun
  • Enere = #1
  • Respekt = Respect
  • & taken together, MER = More, or perhaps better put, our commitment to continuous improvement.

These aren’t just words on our website. Our ambition is to live and breathe these values, so that they are evident to everyone we interact with— our employees, partners, customers, and shareholders. The world is far from a perfect place, but we believe that by showcasing these values in all that we do, we can do our part to improve it.

As a global company with more than 2,200 employees and 27,000 clients, we have a responsibility to conduct business in a way that has a positive impact on people, the planet and society as a whole. This is part of our commitment to continuous improvement — to consistently re-examine our policies and programs and ensure that we are making strides to create a more sustainable and equitable world.



The Norwegian word for "fun." We believe that in order to become truly successful, we should all enjoy what we do on a daily basis. That’s why we promote a fun, collaborative working environment, where individuals should feel supported and inspired. We strive to partner with our customers to deliver an enjoyable experience throughout their entire journey with Meltwater.


[‘e nðr’e]

In Norwegian, this means “number one.” At Meltwater, ‘average’ isn’t good enough. Our goal is to build a groundbreaking company, where team members push themselves to their fullest potential, to develop as professionals, and as people. Our customers should expect that we will go above and beyond to provide a world-class product and service, and that we will always put them number one.



The Norwegian word for “respect.” We believe that it matters how a company or an individual becomes successful. We actively embrace the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our employees around the world and strive to create a work environment where everyone is treated with respect and humility. Likewise, our customers and partners should feel respected, valued, and appreciated in every interaction that they have with Meltwater.



An acronym for Moro, Enere and Respekt, which creates the Norwegian word “more.” We celebrate our victories without losing our drive to improve—whether in reaching personal goals or corporate milestones. We push each other to deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers, and the world. MER represents our focus on continuous improvement and creating an environment where all employees can contribute to the company’s success.

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Environmental sustainability

We believe that environmental sustainability is one of the most pressing issues of our day. Our daily choices and the choices we make as a business have an impact on our planet and the resources we have available. 

We know that sustainability is important to many of our employees, as well as our customers, prospects and investors. But it is also just the right thing to do. We have a responsibility as a company and as individuals to positively contribute to our environment and to create a better platform for future generations.

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Social Impact

At Meltwater, people are central to everything we do. This philosophy extends to our employees, customers, investors, partners, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate. By harnessing our people, products, and resources, we are committed to being a force for good in the places where we live and work. We believe in the power of people and technology to have a positive impact on the future, and in building a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization to fuel innovation and sustainable growth.  

Our culture and values extend to our work across DEI, employee engagement, philanthropy and community partnerships, and we are committed to continuous improvement in all of these areas.

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As Meltwater continues to grow, we are committed to running our business responsibly, ethically and in line with all regulations in the markets we serve. Governance to us means a defined Board structure, diverse perspectives on our Board, an established compliance team, and a robust data privacy program. 

We believe that sound corporate governance is crucial for Meltwater’s success, and set high standards for our Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors. We’re committed to maintaining an independent and diverse Board of Directors. Our Board members bring together a diverse set of skills and experiences from different industries and markets.

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