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Meltwater COVID-19 Business Toolkit

change management

Power of Suppliers

Keep track of your suppliers news to prevent any disruptions of your supply chain and mitigate risk. Set up real time alerts whenever an external factor is impacting your suppliers and your company.

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Power of Buyers

Understand your audiences, the level of demand they present and their behaviour online. Track mentions and conversations related to your products or issues related to your brand. Map out key interests, sentiment towards specific topics, markets which currently belong to competitors and trending topics online.

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Power of Competitive Rivalry

Don’t allow competitors to outperform you to the point where your brand becomes obsolete. Remain relevant with deep insight into your markets: their needs, their desires and the topics that are relevant to them. Keep a close eye on competitor performance and strategies through consistent data analysis. 

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Power of Threat Substitution

Stay top of mind when a need arises and base your developments on the changing needs and demands of consumers, to ensure continued relevance and irreplaceability. Monitor what these are through understanding the consumer landscape. If your product or service offers your users the specific benefits they’re looking for, threat of substitution diminishes.

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Power of Threat of New Entry

Communicate your unique benefits and consistently work to develop your offering. Create a sense of dominance on specific platforms, based on consistent and relevant content creation, engage in relevant trends and conversations and offer exceptional customer support. 

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