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Webinar: Increasing Top of Funnel Awareness

Level: Beginner and advanced
Duration: 1 hour incl. Q&A
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About the webinar

Together with Sushil Krishna - founder of Growack Media - we organize a new Live-Webinar with the topic "Growing Top of Funnel (ToFu) Awareness. During the webinar, Sushil will talk aboutan integrated marketing mix strategy & Approach. You will get insights into how Social, Content, PR and Paid processes are fundamental for your Top of Funnel Awareness and how to leverage this in your marketing strategy.

  • Increasing Top of Funnel (ToFu) Awareness
  • An integrated marketing mix Strategy & approach
  • Including Social, Content, PR and paid processes

Everyone knows that intent behind search, content and media releases matters. Tracking correct business intents with right triggers is a crucial process in B2B domain for your qualified success rate.

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About our speaker

Sushil Krishna is the founder of Growack Media - a HubSpot Solution Partner in Integrated Inbound & Growth Marketing space, representing clients, such as Elsevier, IBM, EdCast Inc, Cogoport, Covalent Inc and Peddler. Sushil is also a prolific speaker and community builder in Startups, Marketing & Growth domain with griping ideas on Inbound sales and funnel marketing roadmaps.

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