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Uncover Social Media Audience Affinities

How to Discover the Brands, Media, and Influencers Your Customers Love

Do you wish you could understand more about your audience? What TV shows they watch, sports teams they support, and brands they love?

Understanding the communities that are driving social media conversations around topics you care about is challenging and time-consuming. What if you could truly understand what resonates with your audience by discovering their consumer habits, as well as the individuals and media outlets that are influential over each group?

With digital marketing expert, Lilach Bullock, and Josh Leask, Product Marketing Manager at Meltwater to learn how Audience Affinity Insights can help you discover more about your customer’s interests and passions.

In this webinar we’ll cover a range of use cases that will demonstrate how Audience Affinity Insights can help you:

  • Identify influencers your customers trust
  • Develop a highly targeted media plan
  • Create laser-focused content for your audience’s needs
  • Find perfect sponsorship and partnership opportunities

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