Tomorrow's marketing with VR

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In this video, Karin Eriksson, Social Media Manager for Ving, will be talking more about VR and marketing. Karin will tell the story of how she created a VING VR world and went from idea to action.

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About the video:

Tomorrow's marketing experts need to find new ways of interacting, engaging and communicating with their customers/prospects. Today, most people working in marketing have probably heard talk of VR (Virtual Reality). In this video, Karin Eriksson, Social Media Manager for Ving Sweden, will talk more about how companies can use VR in their marketing. Karin will describe how she went from idea to business and created a VR world for Ving on Facebook Spaces.

This webinar will teach you:

  • Ving's VR world - Behind the scenes
  • VR - from idea to business
  • Opportunities in VR
  • Future watch

About Karin Eriksson

Karin Eriksson Portrait

Karin Eriksson is Social Media Manager for Ving and has extensive experience in working with social media. She has previously worked as Social Media Manager for companies including Scandic, 3, DN Galan and Svanen. She is also supervisor of the "Digital Communication" course at Berghs School of Communication. In this video, she shares her best advice on how companies can use social media to reach their goals!

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