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The Power of Micro-Communities in Marketing

Micro-communities have grown exponentially over that past few years, seeing a significant jump in engagement during 2020 when the world shut down due to Covid-19. These niche interest groups represent your audience on a much deeper level - going beyond the simple demographic breakdown of yesteryear. Understanding what they care about, and their interests and characteristics that make them unique is critical.

So what exactly are “micro-communities” and why is understanding them one of the most important assets for marketers today? 

During this webinar we’ll dive into everything you need to know about integrating micro-communities into your marketing strategy. You’ll learn:

  • What is a micro-community and why are they so valuable to your marketing?
  • Where and when to build micro-communities
  • How to connect to them as a brand for maximum engagement and leads
  • Tips to build and expand your own micro-community

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