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The Metaverse: What Marketers Need to Know

The metaverse is a fully functioning universe that allows users to create, own, sell, and invest. It's the intersection of the physical and virtual, a world that exists in real-time, made up of real people, who can communicate, work and play. 

But what does this mean for brands and the way we market and sell our products and services? And how can we understand how to leverage the metaverse, to go beyond the buzz words and jargon, to really take our businesses to the next level, and to understand what the future holds for us?

At Meltwater, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve, being at the forefront of innovation and your industry. So we partnered with the Founder of Altar Metaverse, Illia Pashkov, widely regarded as the Chief Metaverse Officer, for an exclusive online webinar that will answer all your questions about the new technology. 

Don't get left behind - watch the webinar now.

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