How to be successful with content marketing

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In this video, Hilde Stray Due from Storebrand will share her best tips on how to work with content marketing. Fill out the form to watch the video.

About the video: Succeeding with content marketing

Working with content marketing is not simple. It is about giving the customer-relevant content through the entire customer journey and meeting the customer on their own terms. That does not happen overnight! There is a lot to keep track of in creating the results you want, especially because you want to show the impact of the work which we spend so much time and money on. How easy is this to achieve when the product is.... pensions? Not easy, but Storebrand has worked for a long time on professionalizing the work of content marketing as a part of a complete customer journey. Hilde shares what they do in practice.

You are going to learn more about this:

  • What roles does content play in the customer journey and what goals should we achieve?
  • Which people and what expertise do you need to create relevant content and customer communication which provides you with the effect you want?
  • Which routines and tools do you need to achieve the results you want?

About Hilde

Hile Portrait

Hilde is an energetic manager for content marketing at Storebrand who knows what is needed to create good customer experiences and greater effect from good content.

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