How to strenghten your brand

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Learn how to strengthen your brand! In this webinar, Cathrine Moksnes presents how your brand can be improved.

About the webinar: How to strengthen your brand

Brand building is all activities that are help in positioning, creating and developing a reputation for a product/service logo in people’s consciousness. Many businesses want to position themselves as top-of-mind with customers and prospects today, but this is not something that everyone achieves. “New ideas and technologies have no value if we do not find ways to tell why people should care about them. In what way are your company’s objectives, service or products useful in this world? What would people miss if you were out of the market tomorrow? In what way would people have felt this in their lives? These are questions I am concerned about!” Says Cathrine Moksnes.

You are going to learn more about this

  • Why is brand building important?
  • Consumers and the world they live in
  • Brand building for 2020
  • Market trends

About Cathrine Moksnes

Cathrine Moksnes Portrait

Cathrine Moksnes is a specialist in brand building. She has a degree in civil marketing from BI Norwegian Business School and is currently the office manager for Good Morning Naug, a lecturer and a trend curator. Cathrine has more than 15 years’ experience in brand building and commercial strategy from well-known brands such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

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