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Strategy & Planning Guide for PR and Marketing Professionals

As synergies between Marketing, PR and business strategists continue to grow, an integrated Marketing & Communications strategy is more important than ever.

Get your free guide and understand how to:

  • Identify and understand your audience beyond demographics
  • Prepare a contingency plan for your PR & Marketing campaigns
  • Run a successful integrated Marketing & Communications program
  • Demonstrate the value of your work

In this guide, you will master the steps of launching an integrated Marketing and Communications campaign.

Download these ready-to-use templates to start your journey!

Target audience profile: Identify the key demographic and behavioural traits of your target audience and map out a clear audience profile.

Contingency plan: Develop a contingency plan by considering every possible scenario and preparing some solutions.

Communications and Marketing campaign proposal: It is now time to piece your work together into a single, comprehensive campaign proposal. It should communicate your campaign objectives, a description of your target audience and media, your key messages, and tactics.

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