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How to Use LinkedIn for Thought Leadership & Business Growth

LinkedIn influence

Social selling is a hot industry topic right now. It enables both the marketing and sales departments to leverage social media, particularly LinkedIn, to interact directly with their audience. Whether you want to grow your social media following, re-engage existing customers or position your employees (and company) as thought leaders - social selling has multiple benefits. Listen to our on demand webinar where Maxwell Hannah, Co-Founder The Social Selling Company discusses how to build your social media presence to attract the right audience, nurture your existing network, increase expert positioning… and ultimately close deals faster!

  • What social selling is and the multiple benefits
  • Tactics for finding and engaging with the right target audience
  • Tips for winning brand trust by profiling your employees as thought leaders
  • How to use content to nurture your target audience via social media
  • How to convert social media conversations into sales-ready opportunities

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