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Social Media Governance: Risk Management in an Evolving World

social media governance

Social media is a lucrative tool that offers tremendous opportunities—but for all its advantages, it also brings inherent risks. For most businesses, social media is at the beginning of its maturity curve, presenting unique threats including leaks of confidential information and damage to brand reputation.

While critical, developing and maintaining a clear-cut social media governance framework as a central part of the social media strategy isn’t always a simple task - especially for those working for a global brand or within a tightly regulated industry. If this is something you’re struggling with, don’t sweat.

We’ve teamed up with KPMG to help you develop a governance model and better manage inherent social media risks. During this webinar, you’ll hear from KPMG Global’s Social Media Manager, Upasna Sharma, who will walk you through:

- The role of social media governance and why it’s so important

- Inherent risks to using social media

- How to optimise social media governance and compliance to both prevent or minimise risk

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