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Unleashing Social Intelligence as an In-House Capability

In this presentation recorded at Social Media Week NYC 2021, Tina Tonielli, Americas Lead, Consumer and Business Insights and Analytics for GSK, explains how the global healthcare leader built an in-house social intelligence capability that was quickly able to begin delivering high-value actionable insights to the marketing teams responsible for managing the company's many consumer brands.

Tina shares her advice for rapidly scaling up a social intelligence function in your organization, along with tips on how to find insights that will be really valuable for your marketing campaigns. The session covers areas such as:

  • Defining Social Intelligence and its value for your business
  • Why the right people matter as much as the right tech
  • Real-life insight examples from GSK's portfolio of consumer brands

This insight filled 20 minute presentation is a must-see for all social media and marketing professionals!

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