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Mastering Strategic Growth with Data-Driven Marketing

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From humble beginnings as a Cape Town start-up in 2008, to their multi-million-dollar acquisition a mere 9 years later, GetSmarter’s meteoric rise to the top serves as a blueprint for galactic business growth. But aside from their dynamic leadership and innovative online learning platform, it was GetSmarter’s data-driven marketing that took the brand from healthy expansion to super-rapid-scalability. But what does that even mean, and how can you use the same approach to supercharge your own business growth?

To answer these questions and more, join Meltwater and GetSmarter’s Marketing Manager Rodney Du Preez, for an on-demand webinar as we deep dive into how to Master Strategic Business Growth with Data Driven Marketing.

Rodney du Preez heads up the digital marketing team at GetSmarter, he oversees the delivery of Paid Media, Website Optimization, User Experience, SEO and the Email Marketing.

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