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PR Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

We explore PR trends that we think will dominate the year and highlight useful tips for planning this year's PR strategy. Additionally, we discuss how to monitor and measure your PR activities to ensure that you are reaching your KPIs.

During the webinar, three PR trends were discussed in depth:

  • A crucial change in the audience - PR focus on Gen Z - the next generation of consumers. As we look into what is important to this generation, authenticity becomes a key trait Gen Z look for when purchasing from brands.  So kick off the year by analysing this generation's trends, interests, passions and communication channels. 
  • Increased use of AI - Artificial intelligence (AI) can improve a company's public relations efforts by providing tools that reach audiences' hearts and minds. The trend of AI technology shows no signs of slowing. Learn more about how you can use AI in your PR work to streamline and leverage the latest technologies.
  • Social Responsibility - People are viewing brands through an increasingly critical lens and are more often making decisions about brand loyalty based on their attitude to social issues. The survey shows that PR professionals and marketers realise that companies must take action on social issues, and shout loudly about doing so.

We received a lot of questions during the webinar, if you would like to have a look at these you can find them here.

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