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PR Measurement: Maximising the Benefits of a Digital Media Landscape

Imagine being able to approach the C-Suite/Senior Management to show how exactly PR has impacted your organisation. With current technologies and data points, you can now take measurement from web traffic, search optimisation, Click-Through Rates and conversions into one combined view.

With these new data points available, we also need to rethink how to incorporate them into PR measurement scoring. We look at how to move away from single dimension metrics such as AVE, to multi-dimension metrics that are more representative of the digital media landscape we live in.

During this Webinar, you will learn:

  • How the evolving digital media landscape and technology have impacted current measurement methodologies
  • The key expectations C-Suite and senior management have of PR professionals today
  • First steps PR professionals can take to improve their PR measurement practices
  • How to strategically move away from vanity metrics to metrics that tie directly to business goals

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