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The Art of Social Storytelling

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According to Aristotle's Art of persuasion, one of the fundamental pillars to influencing human behaviour is "pathos", or "emotion" (for the non-Grecian among us). Since the dawn of time, people have been telling impassioned stories as a way of passing on knowledge and evolving the behaviour of future generations.

Fast forward to today, and from bedtime to the boardroom, there isn't a more effective means of captivating your audience than with a well-structured narrative.

And while it's no secret that storytelling can be applied to the way in which marketers ply their craft, most brands still choose to simply produce content destined for doom. We say, "No longer!" - and invite you to join in on this recorded Webinar with raconteur extraordinaire, Dave Duarte, to uncover the Art of Social Storytelling for business.

Watch the Webinar here and live happily ever after.

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