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How to Upskill Social Media and Comms to Think Fast and Act Now

Given the current COVID-19 global pandemic, we need, now more than ever, to be able to quickly and effectively adapt, transform, work together as a team and manage crisis situations and communications across the board.

Monitoring the media, being alerted with current affairs and breaking news, understanding what customers are saying about you on social media, and the impact of public opinion on brand loyalty and reputation, has never been more important.

To make sure that you and your team are well-prepared both today and for whatever the future may bring, Meltwater is bringing you an online webinar which will take a deep-dive into how to upskill Social Media and Comms to think fast and act now, in a time of crisis and uncertainty.

We've partnered with Mai El-Kinawi - with over twenty years’ experience in multinational and regional organisations, Mai has crafted her methodology in Consumer Insights, Corporate Affairs, and Communication leading roles at Unilever, Mars, and now as the Director of Communications at the Americana Group.

Here's what you'll learn in this webinar:

  • How to set up your social and communication for success
  • How to use data and experience to anticipate challenges and be decisive
  • How to navigate red-tape and corporate policy in order to act fast
  • How to craft and deliver the message to protect brand reputation
  • How to proactively prepare stakeholders to make fast decisions
  • How to equip social and communications to execute swiftly
  • How to monitor the response and effectiveness of action taken
  • How to stay agile in order to adapt and improve

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