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How to Dominate Your Digital Video Strategy

digital video strategy

Declining user attention spans and unforgiving News Feed algorithms have taken video content from a "nice to have", to an indispensable pillar of any well-rounded marketing strategy. Whether it be the success of longer form video campaigns like Chicken Licken's innovative Sbu 2.0 advert, or the 30 second branded snippets we now see dominating Instagram, - it's becoming increasingly clear that video content is poised to be the future of marketing in both Africa, and around the world. The challenge for marketers however, is figuring out the blueprint to creating videos that drive shares, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

With the above in mind, Meltwater partnered with Danilo Acquisto, the CEO YouTube affiliates, Special Effects Media South Africa. We tapped into Danilo's experience as both an esteemed TV personality and consummate digital content professional, to bring you a free on-demand webinar unpacking How to Dominate Your Digital Video Strategy in 2019. Watch it now - and uncover the recipe for video content that delivers real-world business value.

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