How Digital Transformation is Changing Our World


Humanity has witnessed more technology-driven transformational change during the past 30 years than in the entire span of human history preceding it. Now, a multitude of interlinked megatrends are on a crash course collision to push the boundaries of technological progress even further. The future of the workforce, healthcare, capitalism, travel, transportation and communication all stand to be remade by the impact of digitisation.

Meltwater has been recognised as one of the top acquirers of AI start-ups globally, and as part of that same commitment toward innovation, we partnered with Accenture's Digital Transformation Lead for Media and Communications, Greg Cress, in order to bring our subscribers a Webinar that explores how Digital Transformation is Changing our World (and what that means for Marketers).

If you're looking for a bird's eye view of what the future looks like, then watch it here.

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