On-Demand Webinar: Vendor Consolidation for Cost Saving in PR & Marketing

If you're like most companies in the PR & Marketing industries, you may feel like there are too many platforms and not enough time. According to Forbes, 85% of businesses are looking to consolidate vendors to save costs and increase efficiency. 

Saving money is the most obvious reason to consolidate your vendors, but there are several other benefits, too - including reduced training, increased productivity and greater purchasing power. 

To help get you started, Meltwater partnered with KnowBe4's PR & Marketing Executive, Kathy Wattman, for an online webinar that covers:

  • How to efficiently reduce vendors and maximize your profits
  • Increase your team's efficiency by breaking down the silos between Marketing, Comms and PR
  • Ease reporting and break data silos with APIs

Learn how to efficiently reduce vendors and maximize your profits in this on-demand webinar - access it here. 

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