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On Demand Webinar: Innovation Insights Q1 Reporting Masterclass

Innovation Insights Q1 Reporting Masterclass Banner

Reporting Masterclass: Save Hours with Integrated AI and Automation

In our first edition of our Innovation Insights masterclass series for 2024, you'll hear from Charlie Ayling our Head of Marketing EMEA (EN), Alex Gartner, Senior Account Executive and Natalie Vass, Product Specialist at Meltwater. They will share the latest insights from our State of Social Survey 2024 on the key challenges faced by marketing and communications professionals and how to make the most of insight and custom reporting to alleviate those challenges, and Natalie will finish with key AI updates to the Meltwater Suite.

Expect to learn:

  • The key reporting challenges facing marketing and communications professionals in 2024
  • How to utilise AI to establish more efficient and effective reporting
  • How to you show performance across a full year
  • How Meltwater are developing solutions to give you more insight, faster
  • The key AI updates in the Meltwater suite

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