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On-demand Webinar: End of Cookies; Embracing the New Era of Social Data and Inferential Insights

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As the era of cookies draws to a close, marketers face the loss of personalisation and transformation. This pivotal shift signifies the conclusion of solely depending on intent data and ushers in a new phase fueled by social data and inferential insights. What can marketers do next to target their audience effectively?

In this webinar, Weldon Fung, our Area Director for Southeast Asia, will share how this new data landscape offers a wealth of opportunities to shape and enhance innovative marketing concepts grounded in community sentiment, capturing the ever-evolving emotions and concerns of people. Discover the power of leveraging this data to create tailored marketing strategies that deeply connect and elevate engagement within diverse communities.

Cara Farin, our Senior Solutions Consultant for Southeast Asia, will showcase some use cases that highlight the practical application of social data and inferential insights in identifying consumer-centric trends.

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