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On-Demand Webinar: Narrative Harms are Coming for You! Disinformation and the Communications Professional

Narrative Harms are coming for you! Disinformation and the communications professional webinar banner

In this disinformation webinar, we’ll be joined by Stephen Jolly, former Director of Defence Communications at the UK MoD, founder of Whitehall’s National Security Communications Committee, and renowned global leader on the topic of disinformation. During this session, we’ll help to unpack narrative harm and disinformation - and share valuable strategies for mitigation.

Register to watch and expect to learn:

  • The origins of disinformation
  • The challenges of narrative harm for government, societies and businesses
  • What is fuelling the growth of disinformation
  • Why traditional crisis management doesn’t work
  • How you can leverage technologies and counter-narratives to overcome it

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