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On-Demand Webinar: The Art of Crisis Communication and Leadership

On-Demand Webinar: The Art of Crisis Communication and Leadership

The question isn’t if the world is changing, it’s if your business leadership has the strategy to understand it, adapt to it and emerge successful.

But what are the skills required today to lead through constant changes, challenges, and crises that emerge—and what are the aspects of our society that get in our way of that success?

Join Meltwater and Melissa Agnes, world-renown crisis management expert, for this on-demand webinar recording that explores the new rules of crisis management and share the pillars required to ensure leader-readiness to succeed no matter what.

This presentation covers:

  • What gets in the way of crisis ready (crisis comms and crisis leadership) success;
  • How to overcome these hindrances and successfully lead through any change, challenge, or crisis; and
  • Once you've overcome them, how do you enable them to work FOR you to create newfound opportunities in the face of an otherwise seeming impossible challenge?

Watch the on-demand webinar recording here.

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