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Social North Keynote: It's A Social Media World, We're Just Living In It

As part of our in-person networking event series, Social North, Claude Springer, Area Director at Meltwater, presents insights into the world of Social Media and how it has become inextricably linked to modern life.

With a steady stream of new players entering and others leaving the social media sphere, there seems to be no decline in the growth of social media overall. There’s no denying the effect this is having on our world - from how we consume information and news to how we connect with others and build communities.

As a statement, "It's a Social Media World. We're Just Living In It" encompasses Claude's passion for social, illustrating how our offline and online worlds are merging.

Not only did the pandemic drive the exponential growth of social media, it also played a huge role in the explosion of Social Commerce. With influencer marketing set to become a $16 billion dollar industry, the paradigm is shifting evolving from macro influencers to micro influencers or even, to coin a phrase, ‘friendfluencers’.

In addition to exploring the relationship between social media and commerce, Claude also shares this thoughts on how the social media landscape is changing today, to meet the needs of tomorrow’s users.

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