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How to Growth Hack Your Social Media Communities

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As marketers in a digital world, a significant part of our remit concerns building our brand's social media communities - not only in terms of follower count, but according to levels of engagement too. Of course, conventional marketing tactics can only get you so far in this pursuit, and the more innovative among us will have realised the potential of ideas like "Growth Hacking".

"Growth Hacking", as defined by Wikipedia, is a method of rapid experimentation meant to identify the most efficient ways of driving business growth. The concept has been to put to use with massive success by many start-ups that have been forced to rely on cost-effective and creative ways of scaling their presence.

In our endeavour to bring our subscribers the most valuable marketing and communications resources, we're partnering with Growth Hacking expert and founder of Marketing Masala, Shivankit Arora, for an online on-demand webinar unpacking how you can Growth Hack your Social Media Community.

Watch the on-demand webinar now and start innovating the way you drive social media growth and engagement.

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