Meltwater Social Summit | Nordics

Featured speakers at the Nordic Meltwater Social Summit 2020

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We gathered together 9 inspiring speakers from the Nordics to share their insights about social media, marketing, and PR. The event was a huge success with over 4500 registrants.

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Claude Springer, Meltwater - How PR and Marketing are closer together than ever

Linda Nordgren, Oatly - Value-driven Communication

Sandra Bækby-Hansen, Hempel - Strategic social media in a global b2b organisation

Natalia Salmela, Satokausikalenteri - How to build the best social media presence with zero budget

Celine Gran, Pressure & Jakob Ohlsson, Reform Act - What can brands learn from political campaigns?

Karin Eriksson, Ving - 5 stages of social media

Roija Rafii, Telia - New demands for effective PR in a more complex environment

Lauri Kutila, Verkkokauppa.com - Brand development through earned media

Veronika Nihlén, Volvo Trucks - A revised future. Are megatrends and the internal journey we’ve made enough?

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