Swedish On-Demand Webinar: Metaverse & Marketing trends 2022

Asset is in Swedish

Webinar hosted by The Stockholm Marketing Association (Marknadsföreningen i Stockholm).

Welcome to a digital session where we focus on trends in marketing 2022, where the focus will be on Metaverse! * We are now entering a new era where digital, meta and hybrid are new keywords - but how should we navigate and what should we focus on?

For 45 inspiring minutes, Frida Fors Wallsbeck, Scandinavian Marketing Manager at Meltwater together with Emma Ridderstad, Co-founder and CEO of Warpin, will sort out the concepts and lead us to concrete proposals and ideas - ready to implement in your marketing and business strategy Immediately!

You will get this with you:

- Overview of top 7 marketing trends 2022 (based on Meltwater's e-book Marketing trends 2022)

- What is Metaverse & where are we now?

- "Do´s and Don´ts" for brands in Metaverse

- Entrepreneurship in Metaverse & how we move forward

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