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How to Be an Innovative Brand in 2020 and Beyond

“Brand innovation” is perhaps the most important capability in business today. If your brand is your core asset, then innovation is about how you evolve and leverage this asset in changing markets.

To remain competitive in their industries, companies must not be content to simply do business as usual. The demands and needs of customers are changing – the successful company will not only change along with them, they will anticipate the future needs and wants of the customer and be ready to meet those needs. By being proactive, the innovative brand can lead the market instead of simply reacting to it.

With this in mind, we invite you to join Meltwater and the HyperCollective’s Chief of Ideas & Innovation (and Social Samosa 40 under 40 title holder) Dipankar Mukherjee, for an online webinar unpacking How to be an Innovative Brand in 2019 and Beyond.

We’ll be looking at examples of brands that are disrupting their industries, ones that have tried and failed, and also unpacking the concepts underpinning a culture of sustainable innovation.

The saying goes, “Uber yourself before you get Kodak'ed” – so download this webinar and protect your brand's future.

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