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Meltwater Social Summit: Driving Growth with Social

At the Meltwater Social Summit 2021, we heard from the leading minds from across the Social Media, Marketing & PR industry, for exciting insights on how to cultivate tangible business growth from social.

Access the Summit On-Demand Recordings and learn:

  • How to outwit your competitors with social data
  • The most efficient ways to scale communities without compromising on quality
  • How to reinvigorate your social campaigns with smarter strategies
  • How brands at the forefront of social media marketing are using social for growth
  • How to optimise customer experience with social insights
  • How to level-up your influencer marketing strategy

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Hear from these global industry thought leaders:

  • Neil Boorman: Head of Creative Lab, Europe at TikTok
  • Angela Wiesenmüller, Marketing Director EMEA at Meltwater
  • Davitha Tiller, Executive Vice President for Social & Integration at Red Havas US
  • Mike Blake-Crawford, Social Media Marketing Consultant, former Social Chain
  • Sibu Mabena, Founder at Duma Collective
  • David Bekhazi, Head of Creative Middle East & Africa at Edelman
  • Sarah Thrift, Digital Marketing Manager at Agatha Christie Limited
  • Paul Santilli, Intelligence & Strategy at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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