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Keeping Your Challenger Mindset: What It Will Take For Marketers to Survive in the Post-Covid Landscape

How will agencies and organisations continue to showcase the value of marketing and secure new revenue in the aftermath of COVID?

Whether you are a globally recognised brand or a boutique agency, join award-winning PR Agency Director Sharon Zeev Poole and National Director of Product of the Year (Aust) and FMCG Market Expert Sarah Connelly who will share unique ways to keep your business profitable and prove genuine value in the post-COVID landscape.

In this live webinar, you will learn:

  • How to showcase the value of ongoing marketing investments post COVID-19
  • Tips, tricks and tactics to help your team hustle and be able to compete against competitors for new opportunities and revenue
  • What’s next for marketing across the different industries (and how to prepare if the market continues to shrink)

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