Webinar: Influencer Marketing

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Companies are increasingly turning to use of influencers as part of their marketing strategies. This video will teach you more about what Influencer Marketing is and how your company can work with influencers.

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About the Video on Influencer Marketing

Companies are increasingly turning to influencers to market themselves and their products. Working with influencers makes it possible to increase business recognition and drive sales. But how do you find the right influencer, and what are the things you as a business should keep in mind? In this video, Aleksis Riihijärvi, Chief Sales Officer for Boostified, brings you a comprehensive introduction to Influencer Marketing and shares concrete tips on how your company can get started.

This webinar will teach you

  • What Influencer Marketing is
  • What advantages can be realized through work with influencers
  • How to begin incorporating Influencer Marketing into your marketing strategy

About Aleksis Riihijärvi

Aleksis Piihijärvi Portrait

Aleksis Riihijärvi is Chief Sales Officer for Boostified. Boostified is a digital influencer platform that matches agencies, brands, and influencers. Aleksis is an expert in the area of Influencer Marketing and works daily to advise companies on how they can best create valuable campaigns together with influencers.

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