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How to Prove Your Marketing ROI

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How to Prove Your Marketing ROI

When done correctly, proving the returns on your marketing investments can be a strategic way to increase marketing budget and business impact.

Watch this webinar to learn:

1. Why it's important to focus on ROI as marketing professionals
2. Reporting frameworks and models you can use to showcase your ROI
3. How to simplify an overload of data to make better business decisions

Fill in the form to hear from Meltwater and The Coca-Cola Company's CMO for Africa, Diego Recalde, on how to prove your ROI and level-up your marketing success.

Featured Speaker:

Diego Recalde

Chief Marketing Officer, Africa at The Coca-Cola Company

Diego Recalde is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for Africa at The Coca-Cola Company. He’s been at the company in several senior marketing positions for the last 17 years, where he has become well-known as a visionary marketer with global experience leading cross-functional teams and driving successful marketing campaigns.

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